Frequently asked questions of our ministry

Here are answers to some questions that have come our way concerning our ministry with CTEN.

If you are doing free-lance, can’t you charge for your services?

Institutions who ask for our services may be able to cover costs, or in some cases, provide an honorarium and we will certainly invite this involvement. Individuals who ask for our help often have limited resources and can only contribute little to none at all. Contributions received will reduce the amount that we need to raise, but we also want to be able to provide services without the condition of full payment.

What is CTEN? Why go with CTEN?

CTEN is a non-denominational organization especially suited for people who have a call to ministry that does not quite fit into the mold of traditional missions’ organizations with strongly defined objectives and denominational orientations. Started in 1994, it now has about 215 missionaries in 50 countries. The primary requirements are an adherence to a basic doctrinal statement, a home church that affirms one’s calling, and proof of a defined ministry plan. They welcome inter-denominational and multi-cultural couples.

At the same time, it is not an ‘anything goes’ kind of organization. We file reports and submit expenses. A Pastoral Care couple periodically visits us in Burkina. CTEN has received awards for the managing of charitable donations, with very little overhead. See for more information on the organization.

What about the Mennonite Church?

I (Anne) continue to contribute to the growth of the Mennonite Church in Burkina, through occasional visits, mentoring, and serving as a consultant for the AIMM-based Siamou translation project. The values of peacemaking and justice that the Mennonite Church promotes are highly pertinent in our society here. Our work in Bible translation and teaching provides the foundation to these values. And as a member of the Mennonite Church, I continue to be their representative as I serve other churches and the society as a whole.

How does CTEN manage our gifts?

For income tax purposes, CTEN Canada is my (Anne’s) ‘employer’. It retains 10% of all donations which are then used for providing administrative services, pastoral couple travel expenses to our location, and emergency evacuation insurance for myself (Anne). Donations are directly sent to CTEN with a note designating the gift for the desired recipient. After retaining the 10%, the CTEN accountant then accounts for any expenses submitted and considers the remainder as taxable income, from which the appropriate contributions and tax are withheld. After all deductions, the gifts are deposited into our account at the end of each month.

What are your needs?

We raise both our support and the support of our ministry work. Approximately two thirds of what we receive goes for our support. One third is used for ministry work including expenses, bursaries, building expenses at the Teedpaosgo church, and other needs. In 2013, we received about 56% of our support goal. Write to us for more details.

How do we give?

Both Americans and Canadians can receive tax deductible receipts. Gifts can be given on-line or by check to the following addresses. Write out the check to CTEN, designating it for the support of Daniel and Anne Kompaore:

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If you have any more questions or would like to receive regular updates of our ministry contact us and check out our website:

Daniel and Anne Kompaoré
01 B.P. 1632, Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso,
Facebook: Anne Kompaore, Daniel Kompaore; Skype: annegk1, d.kompaore
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