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DAK Ministry Update, November 30, 2015

Dear Friends,

These last six months have been full with both joys and concerns:

More info on ANTBA translation projects:

We will be giving you an update on how much is donated through CTEN, and how your donations are used. Our focus will be on Old Testament projects of which there are four at ANTBA: Kasem, Nuni, Sissala, and Lobiri. Each one still needs an average of $15,000-20,000 each for this fiscal year. These moneys provide for the salaries of the translators, their computers, travel, training, and administrative expenses. I can give you more specific information of any of these language projects if desired.

We will also let you know when ANTBA's needs have been met. Wouldn't that be wonderful if in the next newsletter, I can give you miraculous news of God's provision?! If you do not have the means yourself, do pray for this crucial ministry of getting the scriptures into the hands of peoples who live in a time of uncertainty. Please write if you have any questions. Note to those who may want to give a large donation earmarked for ANTBA: Do contact me first and let us know it is coming.

Thank-you so much for thinking of us and praying for us in Burkina!

Anne and Daniel Kompaoré

*ANTBA is the National Bible Translation and Literacy Organization of Burkina Faso. Daniel was the founding director from 1992-98.

P.S. The WordShare Prayer Page is a closed Facebook page where we share current private news and prayer requests as they happen. If you are already on Facebook, just look up this page and click on the button to ask to be invited. I post about once a week, depending on what is happening.

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