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DAK Ministry Update October 17, 2012

Dear Friends,

It's been great to see so many of you in the last couple of months! And so encouraging to be invited to share of our ministry and events in Burkina and West Africa, to find people who pray for us and follow our ministry, who lend us their car for all of my travels. Praise God for advocates who encourage others to consider coming alongside us. A special thank-you goes to Commission to Every Nation personnel who gave us wonderful encouragement and counsel during our orientation in Kerrville, Texas, Sept. 11-13.

Time is flying and soon I will leave this cool fall weather (Nov 30) and join Daniel in hot Burkina writing translation helps for translators, and helping out various translation teams. Daniel is already there, hard at work making sure that the student dorm at the Apostolic Mission Bible School is rebuilt before classes start in November (the mud brick walls were falling down), and doing many other things (of course!).

I look forward to seeing more of you as I continue my travels. Here is my schedule:

If you are on my road, and would like to visit with me do contact me!

I (Anne) have just begun working with new partners in Nigeria and the United States (Summer Institute of Linguistics International). Daniel just said good bye to our dental nurse friend Kris Repp, and is negociating the possible placement of another person from the MCC SALT program to teach in the Apostolic Mission High School in Ouaga.

You, our support team, are also our partners in ministry. Although very few will be called to go to Burkina and work alongside us, many of you will be part of our ministry as you provide the needed funds for the work, promote our ministry, follow us, pray for us, and give us encouragement and counsel. It means that we are not just a couple of loners struggling to work for the Lord. We are so thankful for the partners we already have, and look forward to more joining our team.

As of Oct 1, we have received a little over 1/4 of our targeted support goal for the year 2012. Wouldn't it be an awesome miracle if we actually received the entire amount by year-end, with full commitments for 2013! Praise God for all of you who are contributing and who will help us towards that goal! Look forward to an update at the end of the year. Our special project this fall will be helping to get the roof on the student dorm at the Apostolic Mission Bible School, where I taught earlier this year.

God's special blessings to each one of you,

Anne and Daniel Kompaoré

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