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DAK Ministry Update November 27, 2012

Dear Friends,

As I get ready to leave for Burkina on November 30, I just want to share with you highlights of the last few weeks - a bit about our support progress, my fantastic visit to the U.S., and news from Daniel in Burkina.

Support Update As of Dec 1, we have received just a little under one half (1/2) of our targeted goal for the year of 2012 (up from 1/4 at the beginning of October!). If we factored in the superb 'in kind' support we received during our time in North America it would be over half I am sure! - Loan of a car for which I drove more than 4000 kilometres, lodging and food throughout my stay was for the most part covered by family and friends. And those who say they pray for us every day continue to amaze me. A very big thank-you for the interest you have shown in our ministry in Burkina Faso and West Africa!

We will see how the Lord provides in December! As some of you consider giving this month, - if you would like to know the amount needed yet to reach our goal for 2012, we will be happy to give you the details and answer any questions.

Visiting the U.S. of A.

Wow, what a trip! Three weeks and two days, 13 beds, over 4000 kilometres (2500+ miles). Being hosted by and visiting aunts and uncles and cousins, conservative and liberal Mennonites, retired folk, a farmer couple, former MCC colleagues from Burkina, new friends and old, many of whom I had not seen for more than 8 years. This trip was long overdue! Thanks all of you for making this trip a wonderful experience and to Mennonite Mission Network for providing travel support for this trip. 

Hurricane Sandy threatened, but I went anyways, and somehow dodged the worst, and kept up with my schedule. Here are just a few highlights of my travels: 

Meanwhile back in Burkina 

Daniel has been busy building - rebuilding the student residence at the Apostolic Mission Bible School and putting electricity in his newly built church at Teedpaosgo (suburb of Ouaga). He was excited to receive visitors from Canadian Mennonite University (Outtatown program) in the month of November. He says:

Best greetings from Ouagadougou. Just to tell you we were blessed to receive the visit of 15 Canadian students. We shared testimonies, minstry and culture. My brother the Mayor of Ouagadougou, received them in the afternoon at the town hall . On Wenesday Nov 16, the team came back to our church site to visit with the students and the children of Compassion International, plant trees, clean our school sports field, and transport boards, building equipment for the masonery of our church building. One of them offered to sponsor one of the children. It was a blessing to have that visit. Thanks to those who made the Valenta pump available to us. We will see to it that the planted trees grow to provide much needed shade for our students.

And soon I will join him! My home church, Listowel Mennonite, commissioned me (and Daniel in absentia) on Nov 25 for our ministry under Commission to Every Nation, just before my return to Burkina on November 30. As soon as I get back, I will be working on Translation Notes of 2 Samuel for SIL, and on some of my own resources so they can be posted on a website for translators. Plans are to go to Jos, Nigeria in mid January to work with the Ngas translation team.

Thank-you again for your hospitality, your interest, your support, and your prayers as we seek to be God's instruments of love in West Africa.

God's special blessings to each one of you,

Anne and Daniel Kompaoré

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